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Lorum Ipsum through its active and growing participation in various outsourced projects, has emerged as an exceptional service provider in Finance, Accounting, Taxation, Data Integration, Bookkeeping, Insurance, Drug Testing, Payroll, Truck Consultancy, Dispatch Training & Safety Compliance.

Breezy Properties, in a sense, has revolutionized the way outsourced projects are catered. Confidence, orderly operation, prudential guidance and expert supervision are the factors that have drawn in leading organizations to work with us. We too have upheld the trust vested in us. From accounting services to taxation, insurance to bookkeeping, data integration to drug testing, we bring together the best technologies, software and human resources to live up to the expectations of our associate clients.



Capacity 4500 kg
Motor Diesel
Transmission Hydrostatic
Year of manufacture 2012
Meter reading 3240
Mast Four-stage telescopic
Lifting 2100 cm
Details 3 hydraulic functions, cabin, heating, 4wd
Tyres (F/R) Pneumatic 18-22.5 / Pneumatic 18-22.5
Weight 15050 kg